About VirtualTester

What is VirtualTester?

VirtualTester is a system for delivering and managing multiple choice tests over the internet. The system consists of a web service complete with company and user database, question editor and a client.

The VirtualTester is developed by Tangix Design & Development.


Download Client

Current Client Software - Release 8.0!!


Download Client in Zip format here...

Windows XP Users must use this link to download the Zip-archive.


How to get Your Certificate?

Print Your Certificate as many times as you want

Login as a user here and print your certificate. Your certificate ID can be used for validating your certification as well...


Share your Certificate?

From the User Portal it is now possible to download a QR Code that validates your Certificate immediately. Your QR Codes could be placed on your business card or CV for example.

This is a sample QR Code that validates a Certificate:

Demo_User_Cert_C-UCR4UWA7BQ.pngSample QR Code


QR Codes are normally scanned using your cell phone's camera and an App to parse the information. Apps are available for all major cell phone platforms (Android, iOS and Windows Phone), please check the App Store for your platform to find a suitable App to download.





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